If you seek the easiest way to order bulk/wholesale, use our shop. No need to think about order forms or complex MOQ and pricing. Read 'How To Use Our Shop' and you can have your order ready today.

For manual bulk ordering and MOQs please read on below. 👇

Bulk production is the when we produce a large volume order of your chosen designs. This is different from sampling, in which you are developing or testing out some styles for your brand. When ordering bulk - the fit, design, prints and details of each design are already settled.


An important concept for bulk orders is MOQ. As we work to make it easier for startups and boutique labels our minimums are low in every aspect and we are flexible.




20 per style & color/print. MOQ per size 3 pcs. For total order MOQ we have different policies depending on how you order, via our shop or through the various manual ordering options:


  • MOQ 100pcs/order

  • Order any volume less than 100 with US$250 surcharge.

Manual (Ready Design Only)

  • MOQ 250pcs/order

  • Order any volume less than 250 with US$600 surcharge.

Manual (Custom Design or Mix)

  • MOQ 250pcs/order

  • Order any volume less than 250 with US$600 surcharge.

Bulk Re-Orders (Manual)

  • MOQ 200pcs/order - if you re-order the same styles within 6 months. No surcharge.

To reach MOQ 250 you could order 100 tops, 100 bottoms and 50 one pieces as illustrated below:

You can also mix women’s swim, men’s swim and women's active to reach our MOQ. We count the pcs together. Here, another example to reach MOQ 500:


Our MOQ per style and color or print is 20pcs.

If you want a particular bikini top in pink, sand and leopard print, you have to order at least 20 pcs of each.


Our MOQ per size 3 pcs. You need to order minimum 3 of each size you want

your bikini top in.

If you want your blue bikini top in a size range of XS-L, then you can order 3XS, 7S,

7M, and 3L. You can order more however you like, and use any size range you prefer,

but for whatever size you choose, you need to order at least 3 pcs.


Bulk Order Form
Send to [email protected] when completed.

If you want to order manually, you can order our full Ready Design range, tweak some of our Ready Designs, order your own Custom Designs, or mix a range of them together. Please use our order forms for manual processing.

This is the Bali Swim bulk order form and below you'll find instructions on how to fill it in. If you got any questions at all – feel free to click the chat button in the bottom right corner or write to your assigned rep via email.

Column 1: Style Code
This is simply a short code for your style. E.g, If my brand was called Super Swim and this is my first style, I may call it SS01.

Column 2: Style Name or Note
Give your particular style a name. It’s not a must, but can be helpful to describe the style to yourself and us, your manufacturer. Note, could be a comment on the design or a detail for the sample order.

Column 3: Bum Coverage
Only for Ready Designs – mark down the bum coverage you like: full, medium or cheeky.

Column 4: Outside Fabric
Choose the fabric you want on the outside of the product. See our fabrics here.

Column 5: Color/Print
Choose the color or print you that want in your chosen fabric/s.

Column 6: Inside Fabric
What fabric on inside? Most often it’s the same fabric as outside. If the outside fabric is a textured fabric however the inside should be flat: Example outside Bali Swim Corduroy and inside Bali Swim Lycra. Or outside is JL Bristol, inside Carvico VITA. If outside is printed Repreve then inside is usually Bali Swim Lycra or Carvico VITA depending what fabric you use for the rest of the collection.

Column 7: Inside Color/Print
Inside color is most frequently the same as outside. But it can also be matching up in tone, example outside white Bali Swim Crinkle and inside Bali Swim Cream or Carvico VITA Avorio. Not very common with prints on inside also as this makes the product expensive.

Column 8: Size
Here you decide how many of each size that you want to order from each style. Our range is set at XXS-XL but you can adjust this to whatever is suitable for you. When ordering please mention if you are using our size chart, or your own. We recommend that you get more sizes in the center of your sizes. E.g. If your range is XS-L you may want to order 5 XS, 7 S, 7 M, 5 L. But remember that this depends on your target market, your fits, etc.

Column 9: Total Qty
For each style and color or print. Remember that for each row in this bulk order form, you must order a minimum of 20pcs - which satisfies our bulk MOQ, like in the example given.

Bulk Order Form
Send to [email protected] when completed.

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