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Welcome to Bali Swim! We are dedicated to helping you succeed, and we strive to provide you with the tools, resources and guidance that you need to create a quality brand. These tools include our Starter Kits, a Ready Design line, an Online Sample and Wholesale Shop and an easier way to submit custom designs. Here's more info to get started:

First off, we have 6 product categories to choose from:

  1. Women's Swim
    Shop / Catalog / Info Page / Starter Kit

  2. Men's Swim
    Shop / Catalog / Info Page / Starter Kit

  3. Women's Active
    Shop / Catalog / Info Page / Starter Kit


We highly recommend all startups to grab our Starter Kits which will make launching your brand so much easier. See them all here.

Also, for each product we offer two services:

  1. Ready Design
    Quickest, easiest, budget friendly - recommended for startups
    Ready Design is our ready-to-go collection of swimwear designs. Choose the pieces you like, put your label on them – and they’re ready to sell! Each year we conduct extensive research on what bikinis and swimsuits are in, what’s out, and what the upcoming trends are for the season ahead.

    You can mix and match tops and bottoms between any styles. You could even combine them with your custom designs to flesh out your swim line. All styles are available in our full range of fabrics, in all colors and in any print .There are no development costs (pattern making & grading) with ready design. You only pay per piece. It’s the quickest, simplest and most affordable method to manufacture a swimwear label.

    You can order Ready Design in our shop (best sellers) or from our catalogs: swim / active/ resort (full range)

  2. Custom Design
    For us to develop your dream swimsuit and bikini we want to understand your ideas clearly. Ideally this means complete tech specs + patterns or samples of what you want to develop. But since we also work with non- designers we are definitely flexible. We have example templates (which we call sample specs) with clear instructions of how to start and what we need from you. This could include pictures of products you like with notes on any adjustments.

    Extra notes: Feel free to take design inspiration from our Ready Design range – taking parts from one design and adding to another or combining them with your own ideas.

  3. Mix & Match
    You combine some of our designs with yours. Best of both worlds.

When you have decided upon what you want to explore, it's time to order.

How To Order: (1) Shop or (2) Catalog/Manual or (3) Custom?

  1. Our Shop contains the best-selling Ready Design styles we offer, in best-selling fabrics and colors and prints. Everything is made quicker and easier. You can order immediately here.

  2. Our Catalog/Manual offers further ways to customize our Ready Design range such as more fabric combinations or custom prints.

  3. Our Custom offering is where you develop your own designs from scratch.
    (You can also combine 2 and 3)

    For catalog or custom, order manually with directions here:

We hope that this has been helpful! We are here to modernise the manufacturing industry - and we look forward to taking these strides ahead with you.

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