Because a product is not complete without it's

We cover 4 types here: labels, hang tags, bags and hygiene stickers. All are optional, but prices are fixed and we have no MOQs.

If have sourced your own materials we can help to apply and package your final products in those.


Brand name, size, fabric composition, wash instructions. You will need to use one of the.
2 options:

Heatpress label (recommended)
Your label is pressed into the fabric on the inside of the product
Pro: Premium look & feel, discrete
Con: Styles with prints inside may be difficult to place and see

Price: US$0.7/label

Cut-away label
A label is attached to a removable string, that can easily be cut away when the customer has bought your product.
Pro: Inexpensive
Con: String can sometimes get stuck and tag come off

Price: US$0.1/label

Hang Tags (Swing Tags) 🏷

Tag pinned to the product when displayed for retail, but can also be used when selling online.

Usually made of paper, connected with a string and safety pin in end of the string. Displays your brand name, homepage and social medias and usually have blank space (back side) for putting stickers (with  information about the product it's pinned to).

Shapes (paper)
Circle, square, rectangle, rounded or sharp corners.

Thick, thin, matte, glossy

Natural color, white, black.

Any color

Silver, white, black, gold

We can help you with the layout of your brand name on the hang tag.

Price: US$0.1/tag


Cotton drawstring bags to sell your product in or for giveaway. Your label, logo and webpage can or other motifs can be printed on the bag. Can later be used by your customer to pack and protect your swimwear product separate from other stuff on her way to the beach. Can be used as extra promotion opportunity.

Price: US$1/bag.

Hygiene Stickers

Comes in many shapes. Can be printed any color on a white background.

Price: US$0.1/sticker

What to get?

We recommend all brands to at least use labels to mark and identify their products and of the types we offer we recommend the heatpress type.

For other parts of packaging it is up to your own preferences and need.

Example if you sell retail, in a shop or on a market or elsewhere offline, you would want to have hang tags so it's easy for customers to get product information from a tag without opening up the bikini or swimsuit to seek details or price. Likewise it is important to have hygiene stickers then, if the shop can't provide that for you.

Bags can be a nice addition if you sell products online to add a bit of extra value upon receiving the product.

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