We have in place a Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement that can be signed before you start handing over any ideas or designs to us.

Below are the basic clauses. If you need any additions or have your own agreement you would prefer, we can work with that too.

The clauses

1. Bali Swim will not disclose Clients as other parties or clients unless otherwise agreed upon. 

2. Bali Swim do not disclose any monetary or order figures to any third parties, international government agencies or other clients without prior consultation. 

3. Any request product images for Bali Swim portfolio need approval or written consent by Clients.  

4. Bali Swim will not sell or publish any of copyrighted material, copyrighted products or copyrighted prints unless given written consent by Clients. 

5. Bali Swim will never reproduce Clients particular production/style/item for own self-gain, another client or related competition. 

6. Bali Swim ensure that copyright compliance is upheld by ourselves and third-party suppliers whom are wholly or partially controlled. However, we are unable to take any responsibility for bad practices taken out by external third-party suppliers such as fabric printers.

7. Bali Swim have in place written Non-Disclosure Agreements with our prominent third party suppliers to ensure our IP is protected as best as possible under the Republic of Indonesia IP laws.

Creative protection is extremely important to us.

Do ask your assigned sales representative if you would like to have this document in hand before starting work.

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